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Translating Contemporary Latin American Literature: A Conversation with Megan McDowell

06 December 2023
Professor Jeffrey Lawrence (Department of English)


6th Annual Rutgers Translate-a-Thon

23 February 2024
Professors Laura Ramírez Polo (Department of Spanish & Portuguese) and Chloe Kitzinger (Russian and East European Languages and Literatures)

Translation as a Co-Learning Process in KFL Education

11 April 2024
Thursday, 18 April 2024, 4-8 p.m., online and in-person, Scott Hall 332

a hybrid Korean Translation Workshop


27 March 2024
4 p.m., 27 March 2024, AB-4052

Please join the Department of Italian for a presentation of the English translation of Porpora Marcasciano's Book AntoloGaia. With Professor Ben Sifuentes-Jaureguí and the book's two translators, Dr. Francesco Pascuzzi and Dr. Sandra Waters. Wednesday, 27 March 2024, 4 p.m., AB-4052.

XI Conference of the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association (ATISA) :: 5-7 April 2024

05 April 2024
Professor Miguel Jiménez-Crespo, Department of Spanish & Portuguese


Translating (for) the Heavenly Host: Korea Under US Occupation

01 November 2023
Asian Languages and Cultures

“Abysmally ignorant” was how the United States Army Military Government in Korea (USAMGIK) was described by its own men. Occupying the southern half of the Korean peninsula from 1945 to 1948 without much knowledge of the country’s language, culture, or history, USAMGIK quickly devolved into “a government of, for, and by interpreters.” This talk examines the figure of the translator/interpreter in the literature produced during the occluded years of the US occupation, both by major Korean writers and by American servicemen in Korea. Analyzed together, these works reveal the emergence of English in US-occupied Korea as the way and the power, and translation as a process of establishing a monopoly over meaning. In that sense, translation functioned less as a means of moving between two languages than as a procedure of publicly legitimating an internal authority hyper-recognizable to members of the Korean community and largely invisible to American forces. Tracing the continuity of this figure of the translator, who is at once heteronomous and introverted, the talk will address the significance of the US Occupation for the formation not only of the South Korean state but of its enduring power elite.

Career Opportunities in Translation & Language Services and the Impact of AI

25 September 2023
Laura Ramírez Polo, Spanish Translation and Interpreting Program

Independent Publishing: Perspectives From the Hispanophone World

12 April 2023
Join Karen Elizabeth Bishop for a translation workshop on Wednesday, 12 April. 2-3.30 p.m. | AB-6051 Part of the multi-day, multi-site conference on Independent Publishing: Perspectives from the Hispanophone World

Machine Translation: Post-Editing and Creativity

05 April 2023

Machine Translation: Post-Editing and Creativity | April 5th, 5:30-6.45 p.m. | Professor Ana Guerberof Arenas, University of Groningen, The Netherlands   

Zoom link:  


Translation and Interpreting in Indigenous Languages

21 April 2023

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming event titled “Translation and Interpreting in Indigenous Languages: Career Opportunities for the Community”, which will take place on April 21 afternoon and 22 morning at The Language Center in downtown New Brunswick. The event is an initiative of The Language Bank and is possible thanks to an IDEA Innovation Grant and aims to raise awareness about the importance of providing access to careers in translation and interpreting and creating appropriate resources for indigenous, endangered, and minority languages, with a particular emphasis on calling for the participation of the community. 

We are honored to have an impressive line-up of speakers who are experts in the field, and they will share their experiences and knowledge with the attendees. The speakers include: 

Daniel Kaufman, Endangered Language Alliance  Eleanor Castillo Bullock, GAMAE International Inc.  Karola Ranger, Interpreter, NJ Courts  Charles Häberl, Professor, AMESALL, Rutgers  Laura Ramírez Polo, Assistant Teaching Professor, Spanish and Portuguese, The Language Bank, Rutgers  Shaheen Parveen, Assistant Teaching Professor, AMESALL, Rutgers 

The event will provide plenty of opportunity for open discussions and brainstorming, allowing us to gather opinions and feedback from the community. We believe that your participation will add value to the event and contribute to its success. 

Please RSVP by April 15 to confirm your attendance: 

 If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at ramirez.laura@rutgers.eduor and visit our website:  

We look forward to seeing you at the event.  

Please spread the word as much as possible, especially among members of the community and speakers of indigenous, endangered, and minority languages!

Raritan Quarterly Translation Roundtable

04 April 2023
The Raritan Quarterly Review hosts a fabulous line up of translators in a roundtable at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary. Rutgers will welcome Raritan contributors Boris Dralyuk (whose translation of Andrey Kurkov's Grey Bees just won the inaugural translation prize from the National Book Critics Circle); esteemed professor and translator Richard Sieburth; and poet, translator, and scholar Rosanna Warren. Event hosted in honor of Rutgers' Year of Languages. 


Translation in Language Teaching

30 September 2022

Healthcare Interpreting, Q&A

30 September 2022


5th Annual Rutgers Translate-a-Thon

24 February 2023
Chloe Kitzinger and Laura Ramírez Polo

There will be translation/interpretation projects, workshops, and showcases in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and more. Refreshments provided throughout the day; all participants will be entered in a raffle for translationrelated prizes!

This year’s event includes both in-person and online projects.

Find further details on our website.

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