The Korean Humanities Library

Editors: Young-mee Yu Cho, Jae Won Edward Chung, and Pil Ho Kim

2023 welcomes the inauguration of The Korean Humanities Library with Rutgers University Press. The new series provides a unique and sustaining venue for English translation of Korean primary sources across a range of areas, such as language, literature, music, history, biography, philosophy, religion, arts, and popular culture. The Critical Biography of Yun Dong-ju (2014), Flatfish (2006), and Granny Wild Goose (2018) will be published in the first year, followed by The Collected Prose of Kim Myŏng-sun (2010), My Husband, Isang Yun (1998) and The Republic of Chicken (2014).  

Rutgers Translate-a-Thon

The Rutgers Translate-a-Thon is a recurring event that takes place every spring. This year, we will celebrate the Sixth Annual Rutgers Translate-a-thon on Friday, 23 February 2024 at the Rutgers Language Center (1 Spring Street) and online! The Translate-a-Thon is a day-long event dedicated to bringing together students and speakers of many different languages around short-term translation projects that benefit the RU community and beyond. Bring your language skills and your curiosity to work with us on translation projects, participate in workshops and showcases, win cool raffle prizes, and more! Translation project proposals will be accepted until 30 September 2023! To submit a proposal, please visit

Rutgers Radical Translation Collective

Founded in 2019, the Rutgers Radical Translation Collective is an informal group of faculty and graduate students who meet throughout the academic year to explore and engage with translation and translation theory at the edges of mainstream thought and practice. The collective gathers to discuss fringe-, pseudo-, self-, and intermedial translations; welcomes presentations and lectures from practitioners, scholars, and artists; and workshops members' works-in-progress. 

For more information, please reach out to Karen Bishop at

Rutgers Language Bank

The Language Bank is a free service provided by the Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences. Its mission is to provide high-quality translation and interpreting services to local non-profits, social services organizations, and outreach initiatives. The program provides our volunteers – Rutgers students, staff, and faculty – with the opportunity to engage with and serve the local community.

Website - Rutgers Language Bank

Other Voices of Italy: Italian and Transnational Texts in Translation

Editors: Alessandro Vettori, Eilis Kierans, and Sandra Waters

The new Rutgers University Press Series Other Voices of Italy presents texts of any genre originally written in Italian. Its principal aim is to introduce new or past authors–who have until now been marginalized–to an English-speaking readership. The series will highlight contemporary immigrant authors, as well as writers who have never been translated or who are in need of a new or contemporary translation. The series' editors also aim to raise the visibility of translation as an art form that enhances the appreciation of cultural diversity.